An extremely easy but beneficial yoga pose (or asana) is Shavasana, or Corpse Pose.

·       Lie down in supine position on a yoga mat/ carpet.

·       Keep both the legs a little apart about one to one and a half feet from each other.

·       Keep both the hands a little away from the side of the body.

·       Now let the left toe point towards the left and right toe towards the right.

·       Head may be kept straight or may be inclined towards the left or right.

·       Palm should face upwards.

·       Whole body should be in a straight line and relaxed.

·       Close your eyes gently.

·       Imagine that the entire body is relaxed. This way each and every organ of the body will get relaxed. Concentrate your mind on your body parts from toe to your head and feel your body is getting lighter.

·       While in this asana carry out normal rhythmic breathing.